Double Harness Bend with Parallel Ends

The Double Harness Bend with Parallel Ends. Many knot tyers prefer symmetrical bends, which are often better looking and can be easier to learn, tie and memorize. This version is also a little stronger and more secure than the Harness Bend.

The harness knot is essentially one half hitch and one crossing hitch each made by one of the two joined ropes, around the other ropes body. The ends get caught in between the two ropes and these two hitches, at the elliptical eye in the middle of the knot.

There are two other variants to this bend: a double harness bend with ends pointing in opposite directions, and a double harness bend with parallel ends i.e. with ends pointing in the same direction. The starting side of one of the hitches has to be different, in order to have the ends approach the elliptical eye in the middle, from the prescribed direction.

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