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Contents: BowlineBowline on a BightRunning BowlineWater BowlineBuntline HitchCarrick BendClove Hitch Tied on Rope EndFisherman's KnotDouble Fisherman's KnotTriple Fisherman's KnotFlemish BendRound Turn and Two Half HitchsSheet BendDouble Sheet BendZeppelin Bend

Safety RopeDifferent rope and knots types are used when mooring the boat, hoist, trimmer and adjusting the sails. Ropes are therefore a very important part of a sailing boat's equipment. To be safe and efficient, it is important that you can handle ropes and keep track of those that are not in use. Learning about the different types of rope will allow you to choose the rope or knot that fits for a specific purpose. Hence, it is also very important that you can bind the most basic knots.

Rope types. Modern ropes are made of many different types of fibers and in different ways. Material and manufacturing method is essential for the properties of the finished rope with different features of elasticity, strength, durability and flexibility. POLYPROPYLEN is used for cheap three stranded rope. They are lightweight and can float on water. POLYESTER may be made as braided rope or three stranded rope. It is strong with low elasticity. It can't float on water. NYLON is strong and elastic, but loses strength in wet condition. It does not float on water. ARAMID and HMP are very strong and lightweight. They have very low elasticity and can't float on water.

Safety on board a ship should always be the first priority! Together with your safety equipment, your rope must always be in working order. If your rope is worn down, it must be discarded immediately and replaced by new ropes.

Bowline on a Bight
Running Bowline
Bowline on Wet Rope
The Bowline The Bowline on a Bight The Running Bowline Water Bowline On Wet Rope
Buntline Hitch
Carrick Bend
Clove Hitch Tied on Rope End
Fisherman's Knot
The Buntline Hitch The Carrick Bend Clove Hitch Tied on Rope End Fisherman's Knot
Double Fisherman's Knot
Triple Fisherman's Knot
Flemish Bend
Round Turn and Two Half Hitchs
The Double Fisherman's Knot The Triple Fisherman's Knot The Flemish Bend Round Turn and Two Half Hitchs
Sheet Bend
Double Sheet Bend
Zeppelin Bend
The Sheet Bend The Double Sheet Bend The Zeppelin Bend

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