Blood Knot with InWard Coil

The Blood Knot With InWard Coil is also known as the Barrel Knot With InWard Coil. This knot is one of the several classic anglers' knots.

Its name comes from the number of wrapping turns associated with all blood and barrel shaped knots. It can be just as useful tied with thicker cordage and use out of the water.

A blood knot (barrel knot) is most usefully employed for joining sections of monofilament nylon line while maintaining a high portion of the line's inherent strength. Other knots used for this purpose can cause a substantial loss of strength. In fly fishing, this serves to build a leader of gradually decreasing diameter with the castable fly line attached at the large diameter end and the fly or hook at the small diameter end. The principal drawback to the blood knot is the dexterity required to tie it. It is also likely to jam, which is not a concern in fishing line, which is no great loss to cut, but may be a concern in normal rope.

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