Index List of Knots

This list of knots includes many alternate names for common knots and lashings. Knot names have evolved over time and there are many conflicting or confusing naming issues. The overhand knot, for example, is also known as the thumb knot. The figure-eight knot is also known as the savoy knot or the Flemish...


A Top

Adjustable bend
• Adjustable grip hitch
• Adjustable hitch (taut-line hitch)
• Adjustable loop (slip knot)
Albright knot (Albright special)

Alpine Butterfly Bend (twisted)
Alpine butterfly knot (Butterfly loop)
• Alpine coil (mountaineer's coil)
• Alternate ring hitching
• Anchor bend

• Angler's knot (fisherman's knot)
• Angler's loop
• Arbor knot
• Artillery loop (manharness knot)
• Ashley's bend

Ashley's stopper knot
• Axle hitch

B Top

• Bachmann knot
• Bag knot (miller's knot)
• Bait loop (bumper knot)
• Bale sling hitch
• Barrel hitch (barrel sling)
• Barrel knot (blood knot)
• Barrel sling (barrel hitch)
• Basket weave knot

• Becket hitch
• Beer knot
• Bimini twist
• Blackwall hitch
• Blake's hitch
Blood knot InWard Coil (barrel knot)
Blood knot OutWard Coil
• Blood loop knot (dropper loop)

• Boa knot
• Boom hitch
• Bottle sling (jug sling)
• Bourchier knot (variety of heraldic knot)
• Bowen knot (heraldic knot)
Bowline Bend
• Boling knot (archaic term for the Bowline)

Bowline on a bight
Bowline On Wet Rope
Bowline Twin Bend
• Bumper knot
• Bunny ears
Buntline hitch
• Butterfly bend
• Butterfly coil
• Butterfly loop

C Top

Carrick bend
• Carrick bend loop
• Carrick mat
• Cat's paw
• Catshank (variant of the sheepshank)
• Celtic button knot

• Chain sinnet
• Chain stitch
• Chair knot (Fireman's chair knot)
• Chinese button knot
• Cleat hitch
Clove Hitch Tied in a Bight

Clove Hitch Tied on Rope End
• Common whipping
• Constrictor knot
• Continuous ring hitching (Ringbolt hitching)
• Corned beef knot

• Cow hitch
Cow Hitch Variant
• Cowboy bowline
• Cross constrictor knot
• Crown knot (Wall and crown knot)

D Top

• Diagonal lashing
• Diamond knot (knife lanyard knot)
• Directional figure eight (inline figure-eight loop)
• Distel hitch
• Dogshank
• Double anchorman knot

Double Alpine Butterfly Loop

• Double bowline (round turn bowline)
• Double carrick bend
• Double constrictor knot
• Double Englishman's knot
Double figure eight bend (Flemish bend)
• Double figure-eight loop

• Double pile hitch
Double sheet bend
• Double windsor (for use in neckties)
• Dropper loop
• Dutch marine bowline (cowboy bowline)

E Top

• Egg loop aka bumper knot
Englishman's knot (fisherman's knot)

• Eskimo bowline

• European death knot (one-sided overhand bend)

• Eye splice

F Top

• Falconer's knot
• Farmer's loop
• Farrimond friction hitch
• Fiador knot

Figure-eight hitch
• Figure-eight knot (savoy knot)
• Figure-eight loop
• Figure-of-nine loop

• Fireman's chair knot
• Fisherman's bend (anchor bend)
Fisherman's knot
Flemish bend

• Flemish knot (figure-eight knot)

• French bowline
• Friendship knot
• Friendship knot loop

G Top

• Garda hitch (alpine clutch)
• Girth hitch (cow hitch)

• Gordian knot - (mythical knot)
• Grantchester knot

• Granny knot
• Grief knot - (what knot)

• Gripping Sailor's hitch
• Ground-line hitch

H Top

• Hackamore
• Half blood knot (clinch knot)
• Half hitch
• Half-Windsor knot
• Halter hitch

• Halyard bend
• Handcuff knot
• Hangman's noose (hangman's knot)
Harness bend

• Harness hitch (artillery loop)
Heaving line bend
• Highpoint hitch
• Highwayman's hitch

• Hitching tie
• Honda knot (lariat loop)
• Hoxton knot
Hunter's bend (rigger's bend)

I Top

• Icicle hitch

• Improved clinch knot

• In-line figure-eight loop (directional figure eight)

• Italian hitch (Munter hitch)

J Top

• Jack Ketch's knot (hangman's knot)

• Jamming knot

• Jug sling (bottle sling)

• Jury mast knot

K Top

• Karash double loop
• Killick hitch

• Klemheist knot

• Knot of isis

• Knute hitch

L Top

• Lariat loop (honda knot)
• Lark's foot (Lark's head, cow hitch)

• Left-hand bowline (cowboy bowline)
Ligature knot (surgeon's knot)

• Lighterman's hitch (tugboat hitch)
• Lineman's loop (butterfly loop)

• Lissajous knot
• Lobster buoy hitch

M Top

• Magnus hitch (rolling hitch)
• Manharness knot (artillery loop)
• Matthew Walker knot

• Marlinespike hitch
• Midshipman's hitch (taut-line hitch)

• Miller's knot
• Monkey's fist

• Mountaineer's coil
• Munter hitch

N Top

• Nail knot

O Top

• Offset figure-eight bend
• One-sided overhand bend
One way sheet bend

• Ossel hitch
Overhand bend
Overhand knot

Overhand Knot and Half Hitch
• Overhand knot with draw-loop
Overhand loop

• Overhand noose
• Oysterman's stopper knot (Ashley's stopper knot)

P Top

• Packer's knot
• Palomar knot
Pedigree cow hitch

• Pile hitch
• Pipe hitch
• Poldo tackle

• Pratt knot
• Pretzel link knot
• Prusik knot

• Portuguese whipping
• Portuguese bowline (French bowline)
• Power cinch (trucker's hitch)

Q Top

• Quick-release knot (Highwayman's hitch)

• Quick-release, draw loop

R Top

Racking bend
• Reef knot
Rigger's bend (hunter's bend)
• Rigid double splayed loop in the bight

• Ringbolt hitching
• Ring bend (water knot)
• Ring hitch (cow hitch)
• Ring knot (water knot)

• Rolling hitch
Rosendahl bend (Zeppelin bend)
• Round lashing
Round turn and two half-hitches

• Round turn
Running bowline
• Running highwayman's hitch
• Running knot (slip knot)

S Top

• Sailor's hitch
Sailor's knot (carrick bend)
• Savoy knot (figure-eight)
• Schwabisch knot
Shake hands
• Shear lashing
• Sheepshank
Sheet bend
• Shoelace knot

• Shroud knot
Seizing bend
• Siberian hitch
• Simple knot (four-in-hand knot)
Simple Simon over
Simple Simon under
• Single carrick bend
Single hitch
• Slip knot
• Slipped buntline hitch

• Slippery eight loop
• Slippery hitch
• Snell knot
• Snuggle hitch
• Span loop
• Spanish bowline (double loop knot)
• Short splice
• Square knot (American usage)

• Square lashing
• Square Turk's head
• Stein knot
• Stevedore knot
Strangle knot
• Strap hitch (bale sling hitch)
Surgeon's knot (ligature knot)
Surgeon's loop

T Top

• Tape knot (water knot)
• Tarbuck knot
• Taut-line hitch
• Tensionless hitch
• Tent hitch (taut-line hitch)
• Thief knot
• Threefoil knot (Trefoil knot)

• Thumb knot aka (overhand knot)
• Tiggap knot
• Timber hitch
• Tom fool's knot
• Transom knot
• Trefoil knot (Threefoil knot)

• Trident loop
• Trilene knot
• Triple bowline
• Triple crown knot
Triple fisherman's knot
• Trucker's hitch

• True lover's knot
• Tugboat hitch
• Turle knot
• Twined Turk's head
Two half-hitches
• Two strand overhand knot

U Top

• Underhand knot (trefoil knot)

• Underwriter's knot

• Uni knot

V Top

• Valdotain tresse

• Versatackle knot

• Vibration-proof hitch

W Top

• Wagoner's hitch
• Wakos transport knot

• Wall and crown knot
Water bowline

• Water knot
• Waterman's knot

• West Country whipping
• Windsor knot

Y Top

Z Top

• Zeppelin loop (Rosendahl Loop)

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